Skindred has been in business for years. We act as a guide and assist self-employed individuals or sole traders set their business plans into motion. It is the premiere go-to site for people whose biggest dream is to set up his/her own business. Skindred prides itself in providing excellent personalized services, a testament to its dedication to its clients.


Personalized and Customized Services

Skindred provides solutions that are tailored and personalized according to the needs and preferences of clients. If you decided to avail of our services, you’d feel like royalty because we will be with you every step of the way, guiding and protecting you.

We offer flexible business solutions, particularly for sole traders and those who are self-employed. We know that building a company with no one or very few people helping you out is a challenge. So no matter what your business concept is and what your goals are, we will give you the services you need. And we will do so in the best way possible.

Skindred offers world-class business advice and solutions for sole traders, and the self-employed whose mission is to establish his/her own company without a lot of stresses and hassle. Check out what we offer:


-Business Consultancy

-Business Planning

-Setting Up the Business

-Business Management

-Business Strategy Consulting

-Business Analytics for Startups


Our team of business experts is always ready to share their knowledge, creativity, and extensive experiences. Skindred offers only the best for you and your soon-to-be company


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